Seven Bays

The area around Innisfree consists of seven main beaches known as 'Seven Bays'. Each beach is quite large with very soft golden sand; they are all also swimming/surfing beaches. You can easily walk between each of these beaches across the cliffs, which are very beautiful and reasoonably easy as well. You may also discover hidden beaches along your walk!

Treyarnon Bay - A fairly narrow beach, but has plenty of rock pools, including the famous 'horse' pool thats perfect for swimming!

Porthcothan Bay - Has lots of fun sand dunes, plus a local pub just behind it!

Constantine Bay - A beautiful long stretching beach, with rock pools to adventure in, tall sand dunes and soft golden sand to sun bathe on.

Booby's Bay - Plenty of rock pools, easy swimming, and close to some smaller, hidden beaches as well.

Mother Ivy's Bay - Very peaceful, as there is more of a walk, lovely white stand and amazing views.

Harlyn Bay - Large beach which is ideal for swimming and sunbathing. a very safe beach, ideal for a family day out!

Trevone Bay - Plenty of things to do and very popular for families.

Stewart 2013